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1. An Application for admission must be submitted on the school's prescribed form obtainable from the school's office or downloaded from the school's website.
2. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
3. It is mandatory to submit the Birth Certificate of the child at the time of admission in Pre-Primary and Class 1 in case no school was attended previously.
4. T.C. from the previous school is compulsorily required.
5. No change in the date of birth will be made afterwards.
6. A student selected for admission must join on the date specified, failing which the admission may be cancelled.
7. The Principal reserves the right without specifying any reason whatsoever, to accept/reject any application for admission.


1. Regular attendance is an important factor for a good performance. 80% attendance is compulsory for the child to be eligible for appearing in the exams.
2. In case of any leave/ Absence, a written application for leave must be submitted well in advance.
3. The name of the student who remains absent for 10 days without information shall be struck off the roll call. For re-admission, a re-admission fee of Rs. 500/- will be charged.
4. Every student must be present on the reopening day after each vacation.
5. No student will be allowed to leave the school premises during school hours.
6. All requests regarding absence or late-coming should be mentioned in the school diary.


1. Class work includes oral and written work. Class tests are conducted on regular intervals and are taken into consideration for promotion to the next class.
2. Home work in all the subjects is given every day in all the classes. Guardians are requested to see that the child completes the home work regularly and must sign the home work diary every day.


1. In order to make learning stress free in the early years of childhood, the performance of children is continuously assessed through class tests and worksheets in each academic year.


1. Pass marks in each subject is 40% .
2. Grades are given based on a child's performance in various curricular and co-curricular activities.
3. Decision regarding promotion will be based on the overall performance of the child throughout the year in the exams/tests as well.
4. In any case, medical certificate is not a guarantee for promotion to the next class. If a student fails to appear in a part or whole of the examination, he should secure the required marks in the other examinations held during the year.
5. The decision of the Principal regarding promotion shall remain final.


1. Examinations in each academic session will be held as following:
September/October : Half Yearly Examination
February/March : Annual Examination
2. In addition to these, Unit/Periodic Tests are also conducted. Details can be found in the School Activity Calender.
3. MCQ Exams are also conducted every year to enhance the power of reasoning in our students from class IV to IX & XI.
4. Marks obtained in the tests are included in the Grand Total of the examination.
5. If a student remains absent in any test/examination, he/she will not be re-examined.
6. Students using unfair means in the tests/examinations will be duly punished.


1. The student's progress report is discussed with the guardians during the Parent Teacher Meetings usually held on a second Saturday or any other fixed date after every Examination. Parents are also shown a detailed monthly report of their ward on the dates referred to.
2. Soft copy of Report Card of Half Yearly Examination is provided to the parents through online mode.
3. Hard copy of final Report Card/Marksheet alongwith school magazine, circulars, book list fee card etc. will be handed over to the parents on Annual Result & Prize distribution day.


1. To bring about co-ordination between the parents and teachers, regular Parent Teacher Meetings are organized. Orientation programs are also organized to bring harmony between parents and teachers. Parents are requested to attend the Parent Teacher Meetings regularly to keep themselves aware of their ward's progress.
2. Parents are requested to check their ward's School Diary every day and ensure that the work assigned is duly completed. Remarks made in the diaries should also be acknowledged and countersigned regularly.
3. Parents should take proper note of all the circulars and information sent to them from time to time.
4. Parents are requested to participate actively and regularly in all the school activities.
5. No sick child should be sent to school with the medicines to be taken during school hours.
6. Parents are requested to inform the school immediately in case there is any change of their address or phone number.
7. All applications must be signed by the parents.
8. Parents are requested to acquaint themselves fully with the school's rules and regulations and abide by them. They are further requested to maintain a cordial behaviour with the staff.
9. A student may be rusticated if desired co-operation is not extended by the parents.
10. The parents/guardians should comply with the rules and regulations laid by the school and co-operate with the school for the welfare of their children.


1. Students may be transferred from one branch to another on request by the parents (Transfer will be granted subject to availability of seat).
2. Parents should submit an application addressed to the Principal with all the details which will be forwarded to the Pricipal of the desired branch.


1. Every student is to follow all the disciplinary rules and regulations of the institution to maintain the school decorum.
2. Students must be punctual in reaching school. They should attend the morning assembly. Late comers will not be allowed to enter the class without the Principal's permission.
3. The parents must fill in accurate details in the application form while seeking admission for their wards.
4. Students should be in proper and complete uniform or else will not be allowed to attend the classes.
5. Wearing of jewellery is forbidden.
6. Nails should be trimmed.
7.The school does not take any responsibility for the loss of books, watches, money and so on. Each student is responsible for his/her own belongings.
8. The student will not be allowed to leave the school on any condition during school hours.
9. Parents and other persons are not allowed to meet their children or teachers during school hours without permission of the Principal.
10. Lunch and water bottle should be sent with the student.
11. The Principal is liable to rusticate a student whose conduct is not good.
12. When the assembly is over, students shall go to their classes in an orderly manner.
13. Proper discipline must be maintained throughout the school hours. By maintaining decorum and orderliness while leaving the school, the students should ensure smooth exit for themselves. Proper discipline must be maintained throughout the school hours.
14. Each student is required to contribute to the high standards of the school by his/her conduct, discipline, manners and commitment to studies and other school activities.
15. Students using their own conveyance are required to follow traffic rules for their own safety. Students are not allowed to ride two wheelers without a proper driving licence & helmet.
16. Students are expected to take part in Games, Sports, Debate, Art Competition, Collage Competition, On the Spot Essay Competition, G.K. Quiz, Elocution Contest, Writing Competition, Flower Show, Science & Craft Exhibition, Outdoor Activities and other competitions in extra curricular activities organized by the school from time to time.
17. The student and parents shall follow all the guidelines related to any pandemic as issued by the government and the school authorities, as and when required.
18. It is mandatory for any parents/guardian to carry the varified Gate Pass while entering the school premises.


The school has well equipped laboratories to carry out experimental work in various sciences. The following rules are to be followed in the laboratories:
1. Equipment for use in laboratories will be issued to students as per rules laid down by the school.
2. No equipment is to be taken out of the laboratories without a written permission.
3. In case of any damage, during practical lessons, expenses for the repair of the equipment will be borne by the student.
4. Any item issued from the laboratories must be returned before the Annual Examination and a No Dues Certificate obtained from the Science teachers should be submitted to the Class teacher to allow the students to appear in their Annual Examination.


1. Students should have their identity cards in their possession at all times when they come to school or go elsewhere in school uniform to represent the school.


1. The Managing Body of the school reserves the right to add/amend/waive off any of the rules and regulations contained in the school prospectus without assigning any reason thereof.
2. The interpretation of any of the rules as contained in the Prospectus rests solely and entirely with the Managing Body of the School. Its interpretation shall be final and binding on Parents/Guardians and students of the institution.
3. All disputes are subject to Lucknow Jurisdiction only.

1. The details of school uniform can be obtained from the school office.
2. Any change in the colour and design of the uniform will not be allowed.

1. Books will not be issued without the library card.
2. Books will be issued and returned in library period only.
3. Reference and fiction books are issued for a week.
4. If a book is subjected to any damage or if any pages are found torn or missing, the borrower will be held responsible and shall have to replace the book. Students are advised to check the books before borrowing them and if they discover any sort of damage, it should immediately be reported to the librarian.
5. If a book is lost, the borrower shall have to replace it or pay a heavy fine. It is at the discretion of the Principal to take action against a student for misusing the library or breaking the rules.
6. A fine of Rs. 50/- will be charged for over due books and the card will be confiscated for one week
7. A fine of Rs. 200.00 will be charged if the library card is lost or damaged.
8. Books are issued to the borrower and should not be lent to anyone else.
9. All books should be returned before the beginning of each exam. Failure to do so will debar the student from appearing in the exam.

1. Fees must be paid by the prescribed dates.
2. Fee is charged in installments as given in fee card. Fee must be paid at school fee counter through cheque or demand draft. The fee can also be deposited online through Paytm.
3. All dues are to be paid up to the 10th of every month.
4. Fees can also be paid with a late payment of Rs 100/- by 20th and Rs 200/- on the last working day of the month. Thereafter, the name of the child will be struck off the register. Re-admission can be granted on payment of Rs. 500/- with the approval of the Principal.
5. If a child is withdrawn in the mid-session, minimum six months fees will be charged.
6. No exemption or deduction in fees will be made for holidays or for the absence.
7. The students will not be allowed to appear in the test/examinations and report card will not be shown unless all the dues have been cleared.
8. It is compulsory to bring the fee card at the time of depositing the fee.
9. Any fee deposited once is non refundable.
10. A special concesssion of Rs 1000/- will be granted by the Pricipal/Manager if the fee of the whole session is deposited in the beginning of the session.

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