The aesthetic and therapeutic dominance of ‘Music and Dance’ has always put these activities to the forefront of the school motto. Each student is given equal attention and the entire community grows together through participation in rich cultural integrated programs embedding Indian values. Accommodated with the finest musical instruments and qualified dance instructors, the Music and Dance studio is a place where students not only master the art but also experience the zenith of their spirits.

To ensure children’s/student’s mental and physical growth and the development of team spirit, the school lays out a special developed sports environment guided by trained coaches with a vision to secure inclusive and equitable participation of each child in various sport activities. Our trained coaches design each activity according to the child’s maturity, skill and his/her interest. The school attempts to provide an integrated sport school system with international quality to give our students a phenomenal global experience and a fair chance to excel in sports apart from academics.

The Colours / iridescence of Dance
Rhythmic Feet
Giant leap under stride
Crooning Delight
The Indefatigable: Kabaddi Crushers
Football Fever